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January 27, 2008

Contact: Heather Wokusch
Contact: Nicolai Wendt

Anti-Bush Facebook Group Hits One MIllion
Best-selling Political Activism Author Gives Away Books

Poised to reach one million members within days, the Facebook group "I bet I can find 1,000,000 people who dislike George Bush!" is joining best-selling activism author Heather Wokusch in a massive book giveaway for the next two weeks.

Digital versions of the two-volume series The Progressives’ Handbook: Get the Facts and Make a Difference Now are being offered, along with hyperlinked excerpts of the books’ targeted-activism pages. Both books hit Amazon’s political activism Top Ten bestseller list in December 2007, with Volume One going to #1.

"While I’m thrilled to be part of this celebration," Wokusch said, "the milestone is a sad reflection on the Bush administration’s disastrous legacy. But it’s also a call to action and that’s what The Progressives’ Handbook series is all about. Armchair activism made easy and effective."

"I bet I can find 1,000,000 people who dislike George Bush!" was set up by Californian high school student Megan Brooks, and quickly became one of the fastest growing groups on Facebook.

Brooks said the group is important to her because "it brings both Democrats and Republicans together to unite against the evil that is George W Bush. People in the eastern hemisphere can learn about America, and its people."

Nicolai Wendt is one of the group’s six internationally-based administrators. A 22-year old Norwegian, Wendt said, "I love the commitment of the members who have shared facts and enlightened so many others. When I joined on the eighth day it was already over 100,000 members. Today we are more than 1,000,000, from over 89 nations, standing together, saying, no more, to Bush. It all makes me very happy."

Jon Lincoln, a 33-year old group administrator from Alabama, initially joined the group "out of an intense hatred of Bush and the liberties he has stolen from us." Lincoln has since created a splinter Facebook group aimed at reforming international political and social policy.

The book giveaway for "I bet I can find 1,000,000 people who dislike George Bush!" is available via The Progressives’ Handbook web site.

Wokusch notes that a pro-Bush Facebook group, also set up last fall, currently has fewer than 6,300 members and will be closed "due to lack of support."


December 7, 2007

Contact: Heather Wokusch

Best-selling Activism Author Predicts US People Power Revolution in 2008

If 2007 was the year bipartisan sentiment soured on US politics, then 2008 could be the year Americans go guerrilla. Best-selling activism author, Heather Wokusch, says, “Americans have had enough of governmental business as usual and are looking for positive ways to take back their country.”

Wokusch’s book, The Progressives’ Handbook: Get the Facts and Make a Difference Now, Volume 1, hit #1 on Amazon’s political activism charts last week. Volume 2 of the series also soared to Amazon’s top ten list for political activism.

“It’s clear that Americans are hungry for The Progressives’ Handbooks’ message of political self-empowerment,” Wokusch said. “They sense the country is headed in the wrong direction and want effective ways to get it back on track.”

Volume 1 of The Progressives’ Handbook series details the Bush administration’s record in the areas of Women’s Issues, Education, Mainstream Media and US Weapons of Mass Destruction, while Volume 2 covers Elections & Voting, Environment and Foreign Policy.

Activism tips are featured throughout both Volumes. One chapter, for example, details how to locate biological-weapons research facilities, how to fight the militarization of space, and how to urge US legislators to spend less on destructive technologies. Another chapter reveals how to track which corporations sponsor what politicians and how to make sure every vote is counted.

As one reviewer summed it up, The Progressives’ Handbook series is “part encyclopedia and part self-defense manual.”

A recent Zogby poll found that both Democrats and Republicans are angry with the US political system. A majority from both parties polled in New Hampshire said they were unhappy with Congress, while nearly half of the Republican voters said they were angry at President Bush.

“But eagerness to ‘throw the bums out’ does not necessarily translate into positive action,” Wokusch says. “Not everyone wants to attend political rallies or Town Hall meetings, and that’s why the creative activism ideas featured in The Progressives’ Handbook series have proven so popular.”

Wokusch points out that 234 years ago this week, a group of Americans took matters into their own hands and ended up changing history. “But I don’t expect any more Boston tea parties in the near future,” she laughs.

“Entering a critical election year though,” Wokusch adds, “Americans want detailed background on the issues they care about most and creative ideas for how they can take back their country. That’s what The Progressives’ Handbook series is all about.”


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